Why redesign your website?

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When I first put my website up, I had a narrow set of goals I hoped to accomplish with it. During that time, it served most of the purposes I had wanted to use it for, but there were many limitations. As with any business, goals change over periods of and your website must also follow suit.

While there are many intangible reasons for redesigning a site, such as improving aesthetics and updating your branding, businesses also need to focus the tangible reasons.  Here are a few ideas I think you need to consider when deciding if you should redesign your website.

Does your website establish credibility?

Do visitors to your website feel that your business is trustworthy?  To establish credibility your website should:

  • Be regularly updated with useful content
  • Have content that is free of errors in spelling and grammar
  • Feel professional

One of the first things I do before making most purchases is to visit the vendor/manufacturer’s website — it tells me how much they care about that initial contact with a potential customer.  The more information I can get about the company and their product, the more comfortable I’ll be making that purchase.  But sketchy websites might mean a sketchy product.

Does your website utilize basic marketing tools?

Not sure what RSS is?
Watch this video to learn more.
Do you have RSS feeds? What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? With so many ways to use RSS feeds and SEO to market your business online, not maximizing their benefits on your website is like boarding up the windows of your storefront.

With so many considerations it’s a tough decision to make on whether to redesign a website or not.  But if you were a restaurant and your customers didn’t like the food, wouldn’t you redesign the menu?  If you run a dry cleaning business and customers couldn’t find your location, wouldn’t you make yourself more visible?  In that mindset, organizations should want their website to deliver fresh, delicious content and have a variety of avenues customers can take to get to their site.

Don’t take your website for granted.  If it isn’t accomplishing anything for you, then it’s possible you aren’t full taking advantage of its potential.  I can help you unlock this potential and show you how you can achieve more with a website that not only builds credibility and trust, but also performs.

I’d like to hear your ideas, what are some interesting things you are currently doing or things you want to do with your website?

Photo by Mrs. Logic

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