Creative control: Keep it away from these 3 people


Over the years I’ve worked with a myriad of different people in various situations.  In all these situations I’ve reflected on what I could have done better and what my team members or counterparts could have improved.  Often, lack of skills and experience are not the causes of a poorly executed project. When hashing out […]

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Why designers should never have the final say


Remember those arguments you’ve had with your siblings or significant other where you are both just bickering back and forth until someone finally gets the last word in?  Sometimes, design projects can get that way.  Usually someone will pull rank and make a final call but in a design project I’ll explain why the designer […]

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Why redesign your website?

Photo by Mrs. Logic

When I first put my website up, I had a narrow set of goals I hoped to accomplish with it. During that time, it served most of the purposes I had wanted to use it for, but there were many limitations. As with any business, goals change over periods of and your website must also […]

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The new site is here!

You can now easily view my portfolio, subscribe to my RSS feed, and discuss topics on my blog. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂 – Shey

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